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I AM Awake

Gaia Global Awakening, Feb. 11, Noon EST

About Me

A Worldwide Psychedelic Experiment

Imagine tens of thousands of people from around the world engaged in a synchronized psychedelic journey using NO DRUGS, extending healing energy to the planet at the same moment.


It’s no surprise that the science and medical communities are rediscovering the benefits of certain psychotropic tools like psilocybin and DMT. As powerful as these tools are, everything we need to trigger psychedelic and transcendent experiences is already within us. 


On Saturday, February 11, at noon Eastern US time, thousands of people will have access to a video that will guide them through the Moses Code Frequency meditation, a meditation that will trigger a powerful psychedelic episode. Imagine tens of thousands of people simultaneously accessing this heightened state of consciousness then projecting that energy for the benefit of Mother Gaia.


To participate please register here to receive complete information including a training video to help you prepare for the experience. You’ll be able to practice on your own before February 11th. And help us spread the word about this important experiment. It’s time for us to harness the natural healing energy within, through this drug free psychedelic journey, to heal our planet as well as humanity itself. Join us for Gaia Global Awakening.


Register HERE to Begin Your Journey.

You'll receive an email with a video instructing you in the practice. You will use this video to prepare for the psychedelic journey. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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Your Guide ~ James Twyman

This global experiment is led by New York Times bestselling author James Twyman. Known around the world as The Peace Troubadour, James has spent well over twenty-five years sharing his message of peace through 22 books, including The NY Times bestseller The Moses Code, 20 music albums including the Billboard chart bestseller "I AM Wishes Fulfilled" which he released with Dr. Wayne Dyer, a recording that plays a major part in this experiment.

James is also an Episcopal Franciscan priest and is the founder of Namaste Village, the spiritual community in Ajijic, Mexico.

For more information on James Twyman CLICK HERE.

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