I AM Awake

The Seven-Day Direct Path to Enlightenment


A Revolutionary Experience

Imagine stepping into a tiny enclosure and emerging seven days later completely AWAKE!


It may sound impossible, but that's the goal of this private, seven-day "enlightenment immersion" retreat led by James Twyman. More than just being a goal, this exciting new technology stimulates a permanent shift in perception that until now was impossible to achieve without the aid of shamanic plant medicines. Imagine being immersed in alternate realities without ingesting any drugs or hallucinogens, combined with expert spiritual guidance, initiating a new way of seeing yourself and all of reality. In other words - WAKING UP!

Our program uses custom designed virtual reality glasses, specialized breathing techniques and sacred sounds to mimic the effects of profound shamanic medicine journeys. You will experience three journeys a day along with individual sessions facilitated by James in a private enclosure designed for this purpose. At the end of seven days you'll emerge from the enclosure awake and ready to play your role in the spiritual evolution of humanity.


Alone but never Lonely

The "I AM Awake" retreat is a private deep-dive immersion led by James and his staff. The entire Namaste Village community will be available to serve your needs while giving you space to transform. You will be required to surrender your cell phone and computer at the beginning of the retreat to assure the highest possible result. 


Begin by watching these intro videos

Your Guide ~ James Twyman

Your training will be led by New York Times bestselling author James Twyman. Known around the world as The Peace Troubadour, James has spent well over twenty-five years sharing his message of peace through 18 books including The NY Times bestseller The Moses Code, 20 music albums including the Billboard chart bestseller "I AM Wishes Fulfilled" which he released with Dr. Wayne Dyer, a recording that plays a major part in the "I AM Awake" retreat. He has also produced or directed seven feature length movies including the award winning Redwood Highway which he co-wrote and produced. 

James is also an Episcopal Franciscan brother and is the founder of Namaste Village, the spiritual community in Ajijic, Mexico where the "I AM Awake" retreat is held.

For more information on James Twyman CLICK HERE.


Want to Learn More?

Email James Twyman directly and he will send you complete details. You will also be required to have a one-on-one Zoom call with James before you are accepted for the program. Because only one person can take part in the retreat at a time, space is extremely limited. No more than 15 participants will be received each year. You can send him an email at Namaste.Lake.Chapala@gmail.com.