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I AM Awake

Enlightenment Partner Program, May 1

About Me

3-Month Deep Dive with James Twyman

Are you ready to step into the experience of full enlightenment? If so, James Twyman wants to personally lead you through an intense 3-month mentoring program that will help you fully awaken to your illumined Self.

This program is specifically designed for people who are ready to step into an enlightened reality through the guidance of a team of people who have dedicated their lives to facilitating this great awakening. The only question that remains is - are you ready for such a dramatic step? If you are, then read on. 

During this three-month mentoring program you’ll enjoy private, sessions with James five days a week, exploring the experience of awakening with one of the foremost teachers in the field. This is a rare opportunity for anyone serious about stepping into the experience of enlightenment. You will also have a direct line to James any moment of any day and will be expected to text him daily. If needed you can also call him on his personal line whenever needed. 

A video lesson will be emailed to you every day during the program, giving direct instructions on releasing the patterns that led you to perceive the egoic universe, then step into the Nondual Universe. 

Each month guest teachers will also share their wisdom and a monthly meeting with everyone in the program will give you the chance to hear how others are growing and expanding. You’ll even be assigned a partner to share the journey. 

All in all this is the most Complete, advanced program for stepping into a direct experience of your enlightened self ever designed.

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A Message From James About the Program

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Your Guide ~ James Twyman

This amazing program is led by New York Times bestselling author James Twyman. Known around the world as The Peace Troubadour, James has spent well over twenty-five years sharing his message of peace through 22 books, including The NY Times bestseller The Moses Code, 20 music albums including the Billboard chart bestseller "I AM Wishes Fulfilled" which he released with Dr. Wayne Dyer, a recording that plays a major part in this experiment.

James is also an Episcopal Franciscan priest and is the founder of Namaste Village, the spiritual community in Ajijic, Mexico.

For more information on James Twyman CLICK HERE.

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